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Do you own a Chatbot, an artificial intelligence system or Customer Channels (contact centers, social media, calls, etc.) that you would like to protect, make it learn and interact with users in a desired, efficient and professional way? Here you have the solution:


We help artificial intelligence systems learn and protect themselves from "toxic" or inappropriate content..

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Dilemma Detection (Ethics)

Our platform detects dilemmas and content that is inappropriate or biased, acts on them and thus improves AI learning.

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Smart Learning

Through the application of our functionalities on intelligent systems, we help them learn in the most optimal, adequate and ethical manner.

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What is ETHYKA?

ETHYKA is an artificial intelligence platform developed to protect and prevent the corruption of artificial intelligence systems and Customer Channels. It incorporates AI laws and regulations, performs intelligent learning, helps with decision making and detects ethical dilemmas.It can be implemented in Chatbots, CRMs, Bots, Autonomous Units or simply in any application, Web Service or Framework.


A solution for Artificial Intelligence Projects

ETHYKA is a solution that works for any artificial intelligence project or data-use platform (Contact Center, social networks, eLearning, etc.). It is designed for systems that are accessible via the Internet or for local projects on private networks. Ethyka improves any project using its protection, learning abilities, incorruptibility and ethics functionalities.

Ethyka can be applied in a wide range of industries and/or sectors: Health, Finance, Recruiting, HR, Retail, Automotive, etc.



Who Does Ethyka Help?

Our clients are those companies, institutions, organizations and/or developers that want to apply artificial intelligence systems/modules to their technological solutions either in their productive processes or as a consequence of their digitization process. For those clients already equipped with artificial intelligence systems but in need of protection for them, we recommend implementing an optimal apprenticeship to ensure that the systems maintain ethical behaviour in accordance with AI laws.



Easy Implementation

Our solution, in either the Saas or SDK version, can be easily integrated into any artificial intelligence solution. We provide a brief guide to installation in Chatbots, virtual assistants, Apps or Hardware.

Independent of the technology in which it is implemented: Python, Android, Alexa, etc.



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