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Our technology is unique. We have been able to train models to detect ethical dilemmas and avert artificial intelligence systems and IT platforms from learning "toxic" content. In addition, we are pioneers in implementing the fundamental laws of AI and robotics. These are some of the features that we offer:

Content and context detection

Our platform detects expressions, emotions, conversational contexts and inappropriate, improper or “unethical” content. We make ystems learn and protect themselves from "noxious" or inappropriate content that can be inserted via natural interactions with users or with the aim of corrupting or blocking the system.

Smart Learning

We facilitate adequate and scalable learning, based on the rules defined for creating AI systems that enrich experiences and interactions with users and/or clients. We design AI to help humans, provide them with the content and assistance they need and create trusting bonds.

Laws and Regulations

Our platform enables AI systems to comply with current ethical and legal regulations as well as observe the basic principles of AI and robotics laws. Preserving people´s privacy, protecting human beings and avoiding the manipulation of the human will guarantees that robots are and will continue to be at the service of humanity.

Bias Management

We ensure that any learning that takes place on AI systems and all results obtained from applying AI systems to the automation of different processes will not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, culture, religion, sexual orientation or any type of disability. Incorporating Ethyka into any machine learning algorithm ensures correct management and the elimination of bias.


We believe in an AI that upholds social and environmental justice by creating a world of ethical coexistence and respect for human beings, thereby helping to build more just and equal societies. With the incorporation of Ethyka into AI system developments, we believe there will be an improvement in people's lives through ensuring the detection of ethical dilemmas, manipulations and inappropriate conversations. Identifying them, acting on them and/or bringing them to the attention of the final decision maker.

Decision Making

Ethyka helps the decision-making process of autonomous systems through the application of the laws governing artificial intelligence/robotics, i.e., regulations which will not go against established ethical principles.

Protection & Security

We protect AI systems from malicious attacks that are intended to corrupt them by trying to block them, inserting "harmful" data that will cause improper learning or forcing them to engage in inappropriate interactions with users and/or other intelligent systems.

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