Software As A Service (SaaS)

Our pay-per-use solution allows you to access all functionalities to train, protect and manage interactions with your users (Customer Channels) or other artificial intelligence systems.

We offer you a Dashboard, on which you will find everything you need to configure the parameters that best suit your project as well as tools for easy integration. Start today with an artificial intelligence solution (Chatbot, Skill for Alexa, App, Calls, etc.) that is safe, incorruptible and learns intelligently.

Software Developer Kit (SDK)

We provide a Software Development Kit (SDK) which developers and companies can utilise in their local applications or on private networks. It allows integration with Python, Android, Alexa, Google Home and iOS, etc., creating a platform upon which programmers can develop their own modules and programs while incorporating the protection, learning and incorruptibility features offered by Ethyka.

Ad hoc Projects

We develop artificial intelligence projects according to the requirements of our clients, creating specific and sectorial modules (banking, HR, health, industry, retail, etc.) which are trained and configured to incorporate Ethyka´s and other machine or deep learning features. These modules can then be implemented easily into artificial intelligence systems, such as Chatbots, Smart speakers, Apps, virtual assistants, robots and so on.


Do You Want to Start or Improve an Artificial Intelligence Project?

If you have doubts about the implementation of our solutions, or you want us to help you with an artificial intelligence or a machine learning project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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