Customer Channels

Our solution allows us to analyze the user experience and the level of customer "unhappiness". We monitor and detect in Contact Centers and other digital channels (email, social media, etc.), content and behaviors that may involve attacks on reputation, unsuitable or "unethical" behaviors according to company guidelines.

Our artificial intelligence system detects expressions, conversations and/or improper situations or toxic content in telephone communications, emails and social network interactions. This allows us, among other things, to define the regulations to be applied, the corrective actions to be implemented or the customer management policies to be carried out.

Chatbots & Virtual Assistants

Our system ensures that chatbots and virtual assistants have optimal and productive interactions with customers and users (safeguarding assets as important as brand image). We make them capable of detecting any type of inappropriate content, learn intelligently and comply with current regulations on ethical and legal matters. Ethyka will not allow, for example, your virtual assistant to corrupt or adopt inappropriate behaviors.

We create artificial intelligence systems that help humans, provide them with the content and assistance they need and create bonds of trust.

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Social Media (Reputation & Trolls detection)

We are able to filter and monitor the content produced in social networks, detecting and eliminating if necessary "toxic" content, unethical and keeping only those conversational threads and messages that contribute to the company and customers. Furthermore, we ensure that communications involving the exchange of user information comply with privacy regulations.

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We oversee the quality of the content that is published, implement your company's code of ethics, internal regulations and "compliance" to ensure that corporate guidelines are maintained through internal communications.